The Philtrum is a passion project to help recapture the wonderful in the everyday. The world around us is amazing, no matter where you find yourself. Epic discoveries in distances lands, and the little things you never thought about thinking about, at the heart of it all, there is a story to be told. Taking deep dives into shallow pools and looking at the personal stories of tiny cogs in giant engines.

Whatever piques your curiosity, we will look into; Science, Art, Philosophy, Town Planning, Baking, absolutely anything.

This is a highly personal endeavor, currently a skeleton crew consisting of me. But I am going to try and put my heart and soul into this, with the hope of getting something back in return. An equivalent exchange of ideas and perspectives, we don’t always have to agree, but there in lies the fun.

More to follow, come along if you like.

Currently, there is only – Chris Styles. A little lost in his own existence, but always willing to learn and evolve. A notably slow process and one you can’t do as an individual. But he will get there, eventually, with a little help from you.