Christopher Styles….

Ex-dung beetle wrangler, grass-counter, science teacher and pond-dipper. Currently; freelance weirdo, existential worrier, and shouty introvert.

Throughout my academic and professional career, I have harboured a real passion for scientific research and communicating interesting ideas to others. I enjoy learning new things, but I also enjoy the benefit that learning new things brings to developing myself and enhancing my interactions with those around me.

UGH. here comes some self-promotion….

Science communication

I have had a long and varied career through science, working in research, academia, industry, communication, and education. It has not been the smoothest journey to where I am now, and I wouldn’t change it. Having dyslexia and speech and language difficulties growing up, I always had to take extra consideration of how I wanted to communicate. This has allowed me to create a voice which can clearly explain concepts and ideas to others. My writing has featured in research publications, national media and on corporate websites, crafting fascinating stories, told through the medium of science.

Marketing and social media MANAGEMENT

I have created marketing campaigns for ERASMUS + projects, promoting science and arts festivals, teaching platforms, and a 5-day intensive course on design thinking and transdisciplinary pedagogy. This involved the extensive use of social media platforms and the design and production of a range of promotional materials, as well as managing and redesigning websites.

Event planning

I have collaborated with teams to arrange a wide range of events. Some of which include; corporate workshops and press conferences, monthly science and research outreach events involving science, film and researchers from the University of Malta, educational events which introduce early years school children to scientific principles, panel discussions, as well as planning an event with the pro-rector of the University of Malta addressing the continuing issues of women’s equality in STEM subjects. I have also volunteered with Pint of Science, UK, and was part of the team that work on Malta’s biggest Science and Arts festival, Science in the City.

Video and audio production

I have long had a passion for video and audio, and I have taught myself how to use a variety of editing software packages, including Audacity, Lightworks, Da Vinci Resolve and Adobe Premier Pro. With these skills I have created promotional videos as well as co-producing and co-hosted a podcast for the University of Malta’s research publication, Think.

Voice over

In addition to co-hosting a podcast, I have performed voice over for a number of educational videos for the University of Malta. I am able to learn and proof read scripts and have a very clear diction.

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