The Rise of STEAM

Why you should consider adding art to your next public engagement event Over the past few years, there has been an increasing interest in exploring the relationship between Science and the Arts, especially when it comes to public engagement and science communication. Science has gone through a number of “rebrands” over the past few decades; […]

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The crystals that really heal

Crystal engineers have the power to create bespoke materials capable of advancing many scientific and technological fields. Prof. Liana Vella-Zarb and her team at PharmaTaxis use X-Ray crystallography and their knowledge of atomic blueprints to create new ways to carry medicine around the body, leading to safer, more effective treatments.  We are surrounded by crystals, […]

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Booze on the Brain- Does drinking alcohol kill brain cells?

Myth Debunked- For us of drinking age, partial to the occasional beverage; sometimes, after a few too many, we experience brain fog, decreased inhibitions, and unsteadiness. But has our night-on-the-tiles killed some healthy brain cells?  Thankfully, no, unless you fell and knocked your head while drunk, or suffer from a particular genetic disorder, while our […]

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A better you….

When most of us picture human evolution, I imagine we all see the same image; you know the one I mean: a transformation, through a series of stages, from a knuckle-dragging caveman to an erectly striding homo sapiens!  Evolution seems to happen in distinct steps, an obvious chain depicting our more primitive ancestors leading to […]

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Apparitions Apparently

Lying in the dark, not quite asleep, not quite awake. You wait for sleep to gently lift you away. Suddenly a strange heaviness spreads throughout your body; you cannot move, trapped within yourself. Any sense of tranquillity has been taken from you, all that is left is inexplicable dread. You close your eyelids so tight […]

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