Citation needed

Ethics and open science – Plagiarism “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” You have probably heard this phrase, commonly attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, describing how progress is a collaborative process, learning from those who have come before you, and building upon their ideas, and this continues […]

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Learning from your mistakes

Science is all about mistakes, trial and error are key aspects of the scientific method and discovery. However, no one really cares to admit this, and it’s understandable, there is a significant stigma associated with making a mistake. No one wants to admit that they were wrong, or that they wasted time and effort on […]

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The crystals that really heal

Crystal engineers have the power to create bespoke materials capable of advancing many scientific and technological fields. Prof. Liana Vella-Zarb and her team at PharmaTaxis use X-Ray crystallography and their knowledge of atomic blueprints to create new ways to carry medicine around the body, leading to safer, more effective treatments.  We are surrounded by crystals, […]

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A More Modern Prometheus

Chris Styles speaks to ethical taxidermist, Krysten Newby, about the truth behind the art of taxidermy and how she turned her passion for art and nature into a business. There is something about seeing an animal in the flesh; something you cannot get from an image. It is tangible, you can understand its weight, its […]

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