A More Modern Prometheus

Chris Styles speaks to ethical taxidermist, Krysten Newby, about the truth behind the art of taxidermy and how she turned her passion for art and nature into a business. There is something about seeing an animal in the flesh; something you cannot get from an image. It is tangible, you can understand its weight, its […]

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Should I chat up my chatbot?

Waiting for a response for an online enquiry, trying to cancel a subscription for a magazine i never read; I was perhaps already slightly frustrated. I found myself infuriated about not knowing if I need to respond to the pleasantries coming up in the text window from “Katie” or if I can just ignore them? […]

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Questioning the Myers Briggs test?

You’re such an ENTJ! We have always loved to put a label on people, from dragons and water carriers, to Hufflepuffs and Samantha’s. Having someone explain the intricacies of one’s own head seems to bring a slight sense of closure; it is sometimes quite cosy in a box! The Myers Briggs personality indicator is probably […]

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Steam, Ships, and Emissions

On one of the highest spots in Gozo there proudly stands a lighthouse. Built in 1840, it continues to warn nearby ships away from the shallows. After a long night shift, the lighthouse has another crucial role to play. A team of researchers from the University of Malta, led by Prof. Raymond Ellul, has converted this […]

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