Nobody’s perfect

Proteostasis- Understanding protein recycling, and how we can maintain the balance   Ageing is inevitable; it seems obvious that as you age, you reach your peak and then decline into old age; exactly why this happens remains a mystery. During ageing, the cells in your body multiply, either replacing defective cells or helping you grow and […]

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Booze on the Brain- Does drinking alcohol kill brain cells?

Myth Debunked- For us of drinking age, partial to the occasional beverage; sometimes, after a few too many, we experience brain fog, decreased inhibitions, and unsteadiness. But has our night-on-the-tiles killed some healthy brain cells?  Thankfully, no, unless you fell and knocked your head while drunk, or suffer from a particular genetic disorder, while our […]

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In two minds?

We have all heard the myth of being more right-brained or left-brained, with all your creative thoughts emanating from the left half of the brain and the cold, hard logical ideas materialising from the right. However, the human brain is much more complicated than that, don’t believe that 10% BS, we actually need a lot […]

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XYY-Death of the Übermensch

Myth Debunked- Some of us might remember our biology lessons better than others, but there are some facts that we all know for sure, such as plants get the energy from sunlight, that things spread from areas of higher concentration to areas that are lower, and that when it comes to genetics, if you have […]

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Infinite typewriters

School for wayward bots. Our world is governed by invisible technology; behind the screens there are a countless number of simple decisions being made for you, running our daily existence. Depending on your level of tech savviness, you may or may not have any idea of how these “thingys”? programs? Algorithms? bots? actually work, but […]

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