XYY-Death of the Übermensch

Myth Debunked- Some of us might remember our biology lessons better than others, but there are some facts that we all know for sure, such as plants get the energy from sunlight, that things spread from areas of higher concentration to areas that are lower, and that when it comes to genetics, if you have […]

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Is fat really that bad?

Myth Debunked– first featured in the Times of Malta –10 August 2019 Eating fats make you fat. It seems so obvious, right? Well actually, it turns out that fat might not deserve its bad reputation. We are taught from an early age that fats are an essential part of our diet, remember that food pyramid? […]

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forget me not

Do we have the right to be forgotten? and in the age of the internet is that even possible anymore? – Everyone has parts of their lives that they wish could be forgotten; a thoughtless remark, or a stupid comment that continues to haunt you on those nights you just cannot get to sleep. For […]

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Just your voice

The death of Perfect Paul, and his sister Uppity Ursula? You probably don’t know Perfect Paul, but you will definitely recognise his voice, although you will probably think of a very specific person when you hear it. Perfect Paul is a creation, a placeholder, better than nothing but no one’s first choice. Perfect Paul is […]

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Questioning the Myers Briggs test?

You’re such an ENTJ! We have always loved to put a label on people, from dragons and water carriers, to Hufflepuffs and Samantha’s. Having someone explain the intricacies of one’s own head seems to bring a slight sense of closure; it is sometimes quite cosy in a box! The Myers Briggs personality indicator is probably […]

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