Here goes something!

Ok, So this has been a long time coming. Too many years of pining for a place all of my own, an opportunity to express myself and 3 abandoned blogs, vacant, nothing to show, just a free page name removed from the Gene pool. But now, here it is, The Philtrum, hopefully a jumping off point for some creative endeavours, and look my very first post. Its official, I am a content creator. Master of ones domain.

So, expect some baby steps as I step out of the shadows, previously too racked with self doubt and anxiety to actually do any thing actually productive. Do not expect a jump in at the deep end, that does not lineup with my personality type what so ever, more of dipping of the toe to test the waters.

I will officially write up a “mission statement” for the actual intentions of this space in the near future, but for now this is just a little something something to show myself that this is different. I have intent for this site, room to evolve into what it needs to be, but by writing this I have staked a claim that I can never revoke.

Thank you for bearing witness. More to come soon. Promise.

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